Games for Health Game Jam 4/2014

Thank you for participating 3rd Games for Health Game Jam!

The 2014 Games for Health Jam outputs are rewarded in The 2nd to Games for Health event in September 2014. Games for Health Finland Game Jam April/2014 Award went to Team Humbug Hustle game Moowesome. Game uses very innovative way mBody smart shorts and muscles as controller.

Topics were:

Health ProGame
Health ProGame aim is to study the use of digital games and gamification to promote health, functional capacity, and rehabilitation. The study models new motivating and effective methods with digital media, design, health care top companies as well as other organizations. By combining health, product development and business research the study promotes user-driven Games for Health product development and international business.

Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Health ProGame brings demos and concepts for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools and homes as well as technology development platforms for example 55 inch touch-screen table and Leapmotion drivers.

Action Track
Participate in making of functional Action Track playground. You just need take your ideas and outdoor sports equipment with you. You get to build playground content under expert guidance to the Action Track game server. Produced ActionTrack playing fields can be commercialized and put up to international distribution! Discover the game from this online publication:

Biohacking and wearable technology
Are you interested in biohacking and wearable technology? Come and learn possibilities of biosignal monitoring from the world leading companies Mega Electronics Ltd and Myontec Ltd.

  • Mega Electronics Ltd’s sensational eMotion Faros technology enables biosignal monitoring in lightweight and small size including amongst other heart rate monitoring, ECG/EMG, 3D accelerator and the device is fully wireless with bluetooth. More info:
  • Myontec Ltd’s mBody world’s first smart shorts technology enables provides detailed information on muscle performance in real time and in any training environments. More info:

Games for Health Finland brought this amazing technology, eMotion Faros and mBody, to the Game Jam for all to test and develop.

See what jammers created:

See pictures for the jam:

Health promotion forerunners gathered together in game development event in Kuopio

See blog from Games for Health Finland Game Jam 4/2014 (only in Finnish):



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